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Distinguished and Famous people from The Mary Valley

1. Mary Reibey

Mary Reibey (1777-1855) was born in Bury, Lancashire, England. She was a successful businesswoman and philanthropist. Mary is well-known for her remarkable journey from being a convict transported to Australia in 1792, to eventually becoming a prominent business figure and respected member of society. She established several businesses, including shipping and property ventures, and contributed significantly to the development of the colony of New South Wales. Today, Mary Reibey is recognized as one of Australia's iconic historical figures.

2. Andrew Fisher

Andrew Fisher (1862-1928) was a prominent Australian political figure who served as the Prime Minister of Australia on three separate occasions: from 1908 to 1909, 1910 to 1913, and 1914 to 1915. He was born in Crosshouse, Ayrshire, Scotland, and immigrated to Australia in 1885. Fisher held various ministerial positions, prioritizing social and labor reforms during his time in office. His policies significantly shaped Australia's development during the early 20th century. Fisher also played a crucial role in establishing the Commonwealth Bank of Australia in 1911, which continues to be a fundamental institution in the country's financial sector.

3. Renita Garard

Renita Garard is an accomplished Australian composer, conductor, and music educator. She was born in Mary Valley, Queensland, and holds a Bachelor of Music degree from the Queensland Conservatorium of Music. Renita has composed numerous works for orchestras, choirs, and solo instruments, including acclaimed pieces such as "Symphony of the Valley" and "Mary River Rhapsody." She has received notable recognition for her contributions to music and continues to inspire budding musicians through her teaching and mentoring roles.

4. Linda Beilharz

Linda Beilharz is an Australian author and poet who hails from Mary Valley, Queensland. She has published several collections of poetry, including "The Impersonation of Linda Beilharz" and "The Opening of the Temple Doors." With her evocative and thought-provoking verses, Linda explores themes such as nature, identity, and spirituality. Her works have been well-received both nationally and internationally, earning her significant acclaim as a talented writer.

5. David Chippendale

David Chippendale is a renowned Australian artist known for his exceptional talent in woodcarving and sculpting. Born in Mary Valley, Queensland, Chippendale specializes in creating intricate wooden sculptures that capture the beauty and essence of Australia's wildlife. His unique artistic style and attention to detail have earned him widespread recognition and many of his sculptures grace public spaces and art galleries throughout the country.

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